The Beyond Chronicles

The Beyond Chronicles, from the 2nd Album LOBOTOCRACY (KLONOSPHERE/ SEASON OF MIST)
Recorded at C&P studio by Olive t'Servrancx (Electrikbox studio) and Mastered by Christoph Brandes (Necrophagist).

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The Beyond Chronicles :

Something between life and death,
Deeper than apathy, Abolition of consciousness,
A shadow existence. It happened.
Darkness consumes you. You belong to Her,
You're its passenger.
Many times you've wanted to live or die,
Now it's too late, welcome to your greatest sleep ever,
Crossing the great blinding lights or the black abyss is the only chance to survive, nights or days mean nothing at all,
Guided by the eclipse.
You've reached the high level of the Glasgow Coma Scale, a empty dead body to people around you.
They're hoping and wondering if you're able to hear their prayers
Made to liberate you from your temporary prison which could be eternity.
No one knows. Huge tunnel of incertitude.
A time enigma where anaphia ,
Hanging on each second of this long trip,
Like a damned soul.
One day you probably wake up but still dead inside, that's what we're gathered here, rise and burn.
Golden unworldly silence, crossing the clouds. Cognitive functions under attack.
Sleeping is now your curse but TV is the cancer which eats it from the inside, since you're not laying in your bed but locked up in front of your screen.
Now or Never,
Now or never,
Wake up !
Open your fucking eyes
Stop being a slave"